Colorado City Music Festival

Colorado City, AZ

Have any of you ever stopped or visited Colorado City AZ, or the neighbouring town of Hildale UT? Up until this weekend I hadn't and I live close by. The two towns, collectively known as Short Creek are mostly recognized as the headquarters of the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). It's an area that's had a sad, troubled past; it's been the subject of documentaries and lawsuits and has seen few outside visitors. That is until last weekend, when festival organizer Tom Bennett launched the Colorado City Music Festival.

We love how music brings people together. It's a beautiful, mysterious language that can bridge race, gender, religion and generations. And we've seen a lot of festivals during our time with TJF, from both sides of the stage :-) 
What was so exciting on Saturday, was that we were witnessing a festival in its grassroots infancy, bringing people from all backgrounds together, in a mesmerizing setting ( the festival is located at Maxwell Park, under the imposing cliffs of Water Canyon). 

Plans are already underway for CCM 2018, we're hoping we can make it & maybe we'll bring our guitars with us this time. And hopefully some of you would like to join us X 


CCM site