Twin Peaks

We had some time during the making of our new album to get excited that a new series of Twin Peaks is on the horizon. Here’s our tribute to that legendary series and it’s beautiful theme music by Badalamenti. Ritzy explains a bit more here!

New video for Y GARREG ATEB

Thank you to Ryan Owen Eddleston, Ochr 1 and all involved – we love this video to our latest Aruthrol single, Y Garreg Ateb. Brawd a chwaer y nos in the Elan Valley.

Aruthrol C

It’s March 1st, diwrnod Dydd Gwyl Ddewi hapus / a Happy St David’s Day to you all; and time for a new 7″ vinyl preorder to celebrate. Aruthrol C is here; this time featuring 3 Welsh bands, TJF, BLOOM and HEAVY PETTING ZOO.

Bloom hail from Cardiff, their Soundcloud page has a great Operation Ivy cover on it, they have a new album in the works and here’s a track from it “Ready to Run.”

Swansea 5-piece, Heavy Petting Zoo follow up on their last release (on the Too Pure Singles Club), with new track Isabelle. Their trademark surf rock rhythms have seen them bewilder audiences at festivals like Green Man & Reading and Leeds – helped along the way by their dancer Jon. Yes, they have a dancer.

Artwork for Aruthrol C is brought to you by the very talented Dovi Joy, who won the fan-based competition that TJF ran last year. A big thank you Anthony, it’s a fantastic piece.

Once again, thank you for supporting Aruthrol, we love doing these releases. The official release date of this vinyl is March 30th, so all orders will be with you at the end of the month.

Thank you/Diolch yn fawr.
Team TJF X

Aruthrol B

Aruthrol B is here! and you can buy your copy via the shop.

It features the excellent White Noise Sound and the 7″ vinyl sleeve is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh with artwork from Cardiff artist Gus Payne.

You can listen to TJF’s track Tynnu Sylw below and every vinyl purchase will get an instant download of the track. We noticed a lot of you are wondering what the lyrics for Tynnu Sylw are, so we’ve printed them below.

Thank you for supporting the series, we all appreciate it. Aruthrol C will be launching later this month featuring the much loved We are Animal.

More news to follow X

Mae ‘na rym
Sy’n dod a ni at ein gilydd nawr
Mae ‘na rym
Sydd ond yn ein tynnu ni lawr

Mae’r cyswllt wedi dal
Y gafael yn gyfartal
Anghofia hyn, anghofia’r holl
Ddyfaru gynt.

Ai dyma’r wers i mi
Fy mhen yn llawn o hyd
A ‘mreichiau’n syrthio i lawr i’m ochr gwag
A welai’r lloer o bell
Ei law ar gael i’r gwell
Mae heno yn tynnu a’r awr

Pryd ddaw y glaw man yn ei ol
I dynnu sylw o’r hyn sy’n fy nghof.
Pryd ddaw y glaw atai yn ol
I olchi’r dagrau yn ol tua’r mor

Allwn chwilio
On fe gollom yr harddwch yn y foment hon
Allwn chwilio
Ond mae’r gorwel anweledig dros y fron

Yn tynny sylw

Gweld mor bell
Mor bell mae’r teimlad
Wedi mynd ar gefn y llun
Diflannu yn y cynnwrf hyn
Llithro I ddiwedd y ffordd
Yn dryloyw yn y pwll where I see myself.

Aruthrol Art Contest

Each Aruthrol release will have its own artwork by an artist that we love. Rhydian designed the first single, you can see an early sketch in the pic below. We’d love you to design the artwork for the fourth single, you can get the details from this link.

“Brawd a chwaer y nos, trown y golled nôl i’r tir, yn ôl i’r pridd, yn ôl i’r dydd”


Music from the Red Brick


The May installment of our podcast ‘Music from the Red Brick’ is now available here.

Find out why Matt’s wrapped his face in cling film, Rhydian has a cry over Jurassic Park and we enjoy Le Butcherettes official new album.